Roll Number Slip

Punjab Examination Commission has issued the Roll Number Slips for Grade 5 and 8 for 2015 Examinations.

Candidates/Schools can get their roll number slips from their concerned Cluster Centers where the candidates/schools were registered. 

PEC wishes very best of luck to all candidates participating in exams 2015.

Instructions for CTSC Head for Issuance of Roll Number Slips.

  1. Roll Number Slips will be issued through online software
  2. CTSC heads will issue the Roll Number Slips to the candidates / heads of schools
  3. CTSC heads will paste one Photographs of the candidate on Roll Number Slips
  4. CTSC heads will sign and stamp on the photographs of the candidates on Roll Number Slips.
  5. CTSC heads will provide the Cut Lists to the superintendents for identification of the candidates.
  6. CTSC heads will inform the heads of schools / candidates telephonically or by any other means for delivery of Roll Number      Slips.